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My Company Grew From Half a Million To $2.5 Million in Sales!

I am a huge believer in Master Mind Groups. I was in a Group that helped my company grow from half a million in sales to $2.5 million in sales. However Mastermind Groups are even more effective with a strong leader and I would want to be in any group Liz was leading.
- Laura Smith

Imagine a Group Full of Business Owners Like You, All Helping Each Other Grow...

I have ownership in 6 different companies and have almost 40 years of experience in the cleaning industry, but even with that experience, I too am a small business owner. I have faced many of the challenges you are facing now and will continue to face more challenges later down the road.

In a group environment like this one, we can all work together to get past any obstacles, so you can grow faster and scale your business - that is what is so special about this opportunity.

The Perfect Package For Any Small Business

*See Below For Alumni Pricing
*See Below For Alumni Pricing
*Discount For Existing MMA Members


  • Growth (20% Off): $1598/year
  • Success (25% Off): $2997/year
  • ​Existing Member Get 30% When Adding an Operations Manager

See The Inner Workings of a $2.5 Million Cleaning Business

See What Goes Into Running a National Cleaning Company Valued at $2.5 Million! You'll meet the founders and get to see a behind-the-scenes look at the day-to-day operations.

What You'll Get Out of An MMA Membership


Get access to not only Liz, but other business owners who have solved the challenges you are facing right now.


With some friendly competition, we'll push each other to grow and improve. Through measured results, we'll track the progress you've made. 


Meet business owners, just like you, and build a valuable network of people that can help grow your cleaning business.

Accelerated Learning

Get ready! In this group, we'll be focused on solving the challenges that are holding your business back. 

Designed to Help Small Businesses Network and Scale

Built for small business owners like you, this exclusive group allows you to network with others all facing similar challenges in their cleaning business. You’ll get the opportunity to listen to well-renowned speakers and business owners, plus take part in friendly challenges and competition to help push you to the next level.

What Other Business Owners Like You Are Saying

When I started working with Liz I had a solid medium sized residential & commercial business that was run like most small businesses, many strong points but still far from being a grown up marketable business that could be sold. After years of working with several different fine coaches, I started coaching with Liz, and it was surprisingly different and more powerful than I ever expected! Rather than working on "this issue or that" like coaches had done before, Liz used her special talents to help us to dig to the REAL issues, and find solutions to the REAL problems. My business went from a nice mom and pop shop to a valuable asset, which I was able to sell for six figures the year after I started coaching with her. People know Liz for her culture expertise, but what many do not realize is that she is the whole package and has strong skills in all the areas that business owners MUST be great at to succeed. Coaching with Liz changed my life, short term and long term! Liz is not just the cheerful, positive person people know, she is also a hard core business woman that will firmly hold you accountable and help you to push yourself to achieve so much more than you ever would dream of!
- Samantha Snider
What you are looking for, I think Liz Trotter is your lady. Liz does an outstanding job on employee engagement and systems and organizing your how to manual to make sense for everyone in your office and growth plan and marketing plans to grow your company to the next level. I have used Liz Trotter and it was an awesome experience; I now have a complete manual, all systems in place, yearly marketing plan, and more better employee engagement (which helps with customer satisfaction). And now officially semi-retired and working only on the business only and delegating to my operation manager. I would definitely give Liz Trotter a call.
- Dawn Mann Raffler
So I have some AMAZING NEWS TODAY! It’s official! One Organized Mom has officially moved to the ONE MILLION DOLLAR club today!! I just want to give a BIG shout to this amazing group and our fearless leaders Liz Trotter, Derek Christian, and Tom Stewart for showing us what we were capable of! I know that we could’ve done it on our own but we got there a lot faster with your guidance and helping us to lay the foundation for the success of our business! I just want to thank you all so much for offering your knowledge, sharing your mistakes and celebrating the wins!! This business is a tuff business but when you’re surround by rockstars it makes it much more doable! Thank you all again! Ok, enough celebrating now on to 2M$!!
- Heather Canning
I did the foundations class with Liz Trotter as my coach. It was very helpful and I’m going to be going back in February to do it again with my new cleaning business in mind. Liz is an excellent coach, She really cares, she is great with problem solving and teaching you how to solve your problems!
- Katie Lambert

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